July 16, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Joseph-Hermas Leclerc



It is not very often that I rise to speak in the House of Commons, especially to speak in English. The reason is probably that we French Canadians would be speaking in a language with which we are not familiar. I often think that our English friends speak their language too freely because they make the sessions last much longer than they should. I listened attentively to what was said yesterday, and I agree with those who have said that the Minister of Finance (Mr. Ilsley) has placed as heavy a burden upon the shoulders of the Canadian taxpayer as it is possible to carry. The hon. member for Parry Sound (Mr. Slaght) gave us a good picture of the punishment the people are receiving at the hands of the Minister of Finance. The hon. member demonstrated that the married man, especially the married man with two children, is under a heavy burden. The hon. member did not, however, give us all the picture. I do not consider a family of two children as being a family. If he had multiplied that number by two or three, and made the family four or six, he would have made out a better case.
The Minister of Finance has left children over eighteen years of age out of the picture, but I would remind him that many parents, if they want to give their children a decent education, must support children over that age. More consideration should be given to the man receiving a medium-sized salary who has a family to support. Our war effort is reflected by the taxation imposed upon us. If this taxation makes this clear to the Canadian people in general, especially those who claim that Canada is not making a real war effort, it will have accomplished something. In order to make up for the other speakers, I shall not take up any more of the time of the committee. I urge the minister to give serious consideration to the married man with a medium-sized salary.

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