July 13, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


James Lorimer Ilsley (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)



L An employee of the Bank of Canada.
2. The Bank of Canada is not a government department and information in regard to salaries paid to their officers is not a matter of government record. Mr. Coyne receives no additional salary or allowances as deputy chairman of the wartime prices and trade board or from any other government department or agency.
3. Single, without dependents.
4. Thirty-one.

5. No. Mr. Coyne has been on loan from the Bank of Canada to the wartime prices and trade board since long before the order m council relating to appointments to the public service was passed and has been an employee of the Bank of Canada since before the war. His qualifications for the services which he renders in the work of the wartime prices and trade board are considered to be of an exceptionally high character and the continuation of such services is deemed to be necessary in the public interest.
6. As an employee of the Bank of Canada he did some research work for the royal commission on dominion-provincial relations.
7. No additional salary or remuneration of any kind.
8. 1937

employed by Coyne and Coyne, barristers and solicitors, Winnipeg and serving as assistant counsel, royal grain inquiry commission. 1938 to date-employed by the Bank of Canada but on loan to the foreign exchange control board, September, 1939, to March 15, 1941, and on leave to the Department of Finance as financial attache, Canadian Legation, Washington, March 16, 1941, to November 15, 1941; since November 15, 1941, on loan to the wartime prices and trade board.
9. See No. 8.
industrial councils in war industries

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