July 13, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Joseph Sasseville Roy


Mr. ROA :

I have listened to the minister very carefully, and I am taking his remarks in the best spirit, because I know the motives which inspire him are of the best. He has asked me what I have ever done to protect my constituents and my constituency. I would recall that I have offered the government many suggestions which have been disregarded; and if they had listened to what I suggested, this last torpedoing might not have happened.
I will not disclose anything now. My reason for making that announcement-which I will admit might not have been as good as I
thought it was-was in support of my asking for a secret session for the benefit of the house. I have the strongest reasons for urging a secret session, in order to disclose to parliament matters I do not want to disclose publicly, because I am afraid they would help the enemy. That was the only reason for my announcement. If we are given a secret session to study these important matters I will prove to the house that I am just as good and loyal a Canadian, taking just as good care of my constituency and of the interests of the whole country, as anyone else.

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