July 8, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. HOWE: (Minister of Transport; Minister of Munitions and Supply)


1. The above persons are employed by Toronto Shipbuilding Company, Limited (formerly Dufferin Shipbuilding Company Limited).
2. H. R. Carlson, works manager; L. G. Herrmann, assistant works manager; E. C. Arnold, general superintendent; T. E. Kilkenny, fitting-out superintendent.
3. No.
4. Citizens of the United States of America.
5. (a) H. R. Carlson-He has been in the shipbuilding business on the west coast of the United States all his life. He is now a man of about forty-six years of age. He has a thorough technical training and is a trained naval architect and at the time of his employment was production manager for Los Angeles Shipbuilding Company, Limited, San Pedro, California, U.S.A.
(b) E. C. Arnold-He has nine years' experience in shipbuilding. He is a skilled director of mechanical labour. He came from the same yard as Mr. Carlson where he was the superintendent on the second shift. As the said yard employs approximately five times as many men as Toronto Shipbuilding Company, Limited, even a shift superintendent has a very big job.
(c) L. G. Herrmann-At the time of employment Mr. Herrmann was working at a shipyard in Los Angeles. He is thirty-two years of age, has a degree in business administration, has been working for eight years in the United States on personnel administration and for two additional years in the shipbuilding business. It is because of his experience in training personnel that his employment was recommended.
(d) Thomas F. Kilkenny-He is forty-eight years of age. He was not employed at the time he was contacted by Toronto Shipbuilding Company, Limited, but was on his way to a job in a San Francisco Shipbuilding Company. He has twenty years' experience in shipbuilding. He is an engineer whose line has been mechanical work in connection with shipbuilding. Fitting-out is primarily the mechanical end of shipbuilding operations.

6. Mr. Carlson was employed on the recommendation of Mr. D. A. Clarke, director general, shipbuilding branch. Messrs. Herrmann, Arnold and Kilkenny were employed on the recommendation of Mr. Carlson.
7. H. R. Carlson, $700 per month; L. G. Herrmann, $500 per month; E. C. Arnold, $500 per month; T. F. Kilkenny, $400 per month.
They are also entitled to receive out-ofpocket expenses when travelling on business for the company.
8. Canadian funds.
9. Yes.

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