May 18, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


John Howard Sinclair


Mr. SINCLAIR asked :

In view of the fact that very large quantities of salted herring and other fish are being used year by year as lobster bait by the fishermen of the maritime provinces, and In view of the statement currently made by certain newspapers, and notably by the ' Coast Guard,' the chief organ of the fishing industry in Nova Scotia, that salted dog-fish could he used successfully as a substitute for such salted herring and other fish, has the government considered the advisability of directing the government cruisers to make official tests to ascertain the fact as to whether dog-fish can be successfully used for this purpose ? And if so, can the experiment he made early this season, so that, if successful, the fishermen may be put in possession of the facts early enough to he in a position to lay in a stock for use next year ?

Topic:   DOG-FISH.
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