May 18, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Hon. H. R.@

BMME'RSON (Minister of Railways and Danals). There have.been three additional cars acquired or built by the government since 1896. Two of these cars to take the place of other cars-one put out of commission and the other having been taken by the new general traffic manager of the government railway system. The third car was purchased' for the use of the royal party during their visit to Canada in 190i.
In connection with the government railways, as well as with all other railway systems. there are a number of official" cars, which are used chiefly for official purposes ; but are occasionally placed at the disposal of distinguished visitors to whom it is deemed proper to extend the courtesies of the Toad. Ministers of the Crown occasionally
make use of these official cars ; but in no case does such use involve any additional charge on the treasury. Where a minister uses one of the cars for other than official service he pays all expenses in connectlon therewith.
If further information is desired by the bon. member it will he necessary for him to make a motion.

Subtopic:   OFFICIAL CARS.
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