June 18, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. GARDINER: (Minister of Agriculture)


1. Following a conference held with representatives of the provincial departments of agriculture, plans for a cooperative effort to increase sheep production in Canada were outlined, as follows:
(a) The dominion undertook to supply provincial departments of agriculture with certain pamphlets to be used in connection with their sheep campaigns;
(b) The dominion agreed to pay freight charges from points of origin to points of
distribution on ewes or ewe lambs purchased for breeding;
(c) To the extent that they may be available, the dominion agreed to loan to farmers starting new flocks of sheep containing a minimum of fifteen females, rams for the first two seasons.
The above forms of assistance have been authorized, distribution of publicity has already been made, and the freight assistance and ram loan policies will be available from August 1, 1942, to December 31, 1942.
2. (a) The amount that may be expended in Saskatchewan for freight assistance in transporting female breeding stock and for ram distribution will depend upon the extent such assistance is used in that province;
(b) We have no information on the proposed increase in sheep in Saskatchewan.

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