May 17, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Henry Robert Emmerson (Minister of Railways and Canals)


Hon. H. R. EMMERSON (Minister of Railways and Canals).

In answer to my hon. friend (Mr. Monk) I would say it is quite true, as he has stated, that the sub-structure has been completed for some little time and that the delay has been caused entirely through the contractors for the superstructure, the Dominion Bridge Company. The matter is engaging the attention of the department; the deputy is going to Montreal in the morning to bring pressure to bear upon the defaulting company. I might say that the department has taken every precaution to make it as convenient as possible for the parties interested. Temporary crossings were provided for foot passengers, but of course there has, no doubt, been inconvenience to the travelling public and the department will take every step to have that cease at once.

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