May 13, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


James Sutherland (Minister of Public Works)


Hon. JAS. SUTHERLAND (Minister of Public Works).

In the absence of the Minister of Labour (Hon. Sir William Mulock) I would answer question No. 2, as follows: It is not the practice of the government to issue general instructions respecting deportations, but to deal with each case as it arises.
That is the answer to the second question. The hon. gentleman's colleague saddled the hon. the Minister of Labour on March 28, with the responsibility of dealing with this matter, and when in respectful language we ask him whether he has or has not dealt with it, he charges us witli being neglectful of our duty in not bringing it to the attention of the House. On the 28th of March his attention was brought to it, and one of his colleagues said : ' It is in the Department of Labour.' He seems to think he has discharged his duty by writing letters to Mr. Wainwright and Mr. Hays. '
The gentlemen who made the complaints offered to come down and make good their allegations before the Minister of Labour. It never suggested itself to the hon. gentleman that it was the proper thing to do in view of this serious state op affairs, in view of the fact that Canadian surveyors and engineers were being ignored, and he never thought it worth his while since the 28th March or the 2nd of April to get further information in respect to this matter from the men who made these charges. But I brought this matter up again, as will be seen by reference to page 080 of ' Hansard.'

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