February 25, 1942 (19th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs; President of the Privy Council)


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister):

I wish to lay on the table a copy of an order in council which was passed yesterday amending the defence of Canada regulations and giving the Minister of Justice increased powers to require persons to leave "protected areas." It might be of service to the house if I were to table at this time a number of orders in council that have been passed which have a special relation to conditions as they exist in the province of British Columbia as a result of situations arising out of Japan's declaration of war.
The order in council which I have just tabled, P.C. 14S6, amends the defence of Canada regulations so as to provide authority for the Minister of Justice to require any or all persons to leave a protected area as defined by order of the Minister of National Defence 44561-52
and to impose restrictions in respect of their employment, business, movement or places of residence. Under this authority the Minister of Justice may also prohibit or restrict the possession or use by any or all persons in the protected area of any specified articles and require their delivery to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In short, the defence of Canada regulations as now amended give the Minister of Justice full power to take any required security measures with regard to any person if in the protected area. The protected area in British Columbia has already been defined by the Minister of National Defence as the coastal area between the Cascade mountains and the sea, including all the islands off the coast of British Columbia.
In addition to the above mentioned order in council, the following orders have previously been passed relating to security on the Pacific coast:
P.C. 9591, December 7, 1941 and P.C. 9760, December 16, 1941, respecting compulsory registration of all persons of Japanese race. That has already been tabled.
P.C. 9761, December 16, 1941, providing for control of vessels used or operated by persons of Japanese race.
P.C. 251 of January 13, 1942, prohibiting the issuance of fishing licences to persons of Japanese race, and prohibiting such persons from serving on fishing vessels. That has also been tabled.
P.C. 365, January 16, 1942, amending the Defence of Canada regulations so as to authorize the Minister of National Defence, with the concurrence of the Minister of Justice to declare any area in Canada a protected area, or if it appears necessary or expedient so to do, and in the public interest, and in respect of such areas conferring certain powers with regard to the persons and property of any enemy aliens.
P.C. 1271, February 17, 1942, providing for the establishment of a Canadian-Japanese corf struction corps, to be formed by Canadian nationals of Japanese racial origin, and establishing conditions of enrolment and terms of service for the said corps.
P.C. 1348, February 19, 1942, authorizing the establishment of work camps for male enemy aliens including Japanese nationals, on projects outside protected areas.
P.C. 1365 of February 19, 1942, prohibiting the possession of fire-arms or explosives by persons of Japanese race.
P.C. 1457 of February 24, 1942, regulating the acquisition of land or any interest therein, or the growing of crops in Canada by persons of Japanese race and by Japanese controlled companies.

Japanese Nationals

In order to complete the record of the principal orders in council in this connection, copies of the following orders in council (in addition to P.C. 1486 of February 24, 1942), are tabled herewith:
P.C. 365 of January 16. 1942; P.C. 1271 of February 17, 1942: P.C. 1348 of February 19, 1942; P.C. 1365 of February 19, 1942; and P.C. 1457 of February 24, 1942.

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