November 6, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs; President of the Privy Council)



The purpose of having the house sit in committee of the whole was to afford the greatest possible latitude to hon. members to say whatever they thought they should say with respect to the carrying on of the war by the administration. What I have said about following a particular order is according to what was my understanding at the time. There were other group leaders present, they will know whether I have interpreted the agreement reached aright or not. But let me say at once to my hon. friend the leader of the opposition that if there are members of his party or of any party who desire to speak immediately and not wait to take up the statements in the order I have suggested, as far as I am concerned I am perfectly willing that they should have the precedence to-morrow and to have to-morrow's proceedings start with their speeches. The whole purpose of the government in the sittings of the house at the present time is to have the fullest possible discussion of matters of public concern and interest.

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