November 6, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Richard Burpee Hanson (Leader of the Official Opposition)

National Government

Mr. HANSON (York-Sunbury):

the motion to adjourn is put, I should like to say this. At the conference to which the Prime Minister has referred, at which I was present together with hon. gentlemen representing the two other parties, I thought it was made clear that certain members of this house would like to give expression to their views after having heard the ministers and before we reached the stage of question and answer. If I did not make myself absolutely clear to the Prime Minister, that is my fault. There are members on this side, two or three-I do not know just how many-who would like to make extended remarks of their own, and I certainly suggest that it would be a great mistake if they were not allowed to do that. Therefore, I agree at once to the suggestion that we adjourn, but with the understanding that if anyone wants to speak at three o'clock to-morrow he be entitled to do so. There may be hon. gentlemen on the other side who would like to speak.
We have listened with the most intense interest to-day to three very important speeches-the speech of the Minister of National Defence (Mr. Ralston), the speech of the Minister of Finance (Mr. Ilsley), which to me was very interesting and which, of course, I found it quite difficult to follow, and the speech of the Minister of Labour (Mr. McLarty), which requires some analysis. I should not leave out my hon. friend the Minister of National Defence for Air whose speech was short and understood, I think, by us all perfectly. I should not like to have it even suggested that if anyone wants to make any extended remarks here to-morrow he should be shut off. I hope the Prime Minister will grant

The War-Procedure oj the Home
that freedom of expression which characterized the statements maxie at the earlier stages of this session and before we had our meeting, that there was no disposition at all to shut out anyone who wants to make any remarks at this time in this house. I hope that will be adhered to.

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