November 6, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Joseph Thorarinn Thorson (Minister of National War Services)



It does more than that, although it does that to some extent. It sets out the principles upon which the board Shall be governed in each case of application for postponement.
Then, subsection 2 of the new section 14 is as follows:
(2) When considering an application for postponement order by a man engaged in farming, fishing, lumbering, trapping, mining, placer mining, gold prospecting, seafaring, railroad transportation, public utility, or engaged in an occupation which the minister has declared to be a seasonal occupation or one essential to the successful prosecution of the war or in the national interest, the board shall take into account the supply of labour available and the importance of the particular applicant's occupation to the national economy.
I am reasonably well satisfied that these national war services regulations as amended by order in council P.C. 7680 appearing in the Canada Gazette of October 7, 1941, will enable the divisional boards to reconcile the needs of the fighting services with those of war industry, farming and other essential occupations in the national interest. These postponement applications have imposed very heavy duties upon these boards. I should like to pay a tribute to the boards for the manner in which they have discharged their most difficult functions.

Topic:   THE WAR
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