April 19, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Ralph Smith


Mr. SMITH (Vancouver).

Yes. I sent to him asking for this information ; he sent me the information, and I read that information to the House from the openfaced telegram which came from Mr. McGregor, as chairman of the labour meeting at Peterborough. Now, the hon. member for West Peterborough reads a resolution which has been passed by a local union in Peterborough. But, does he confute a single word in the telegram ? Not a single word. This union, which, owing to certain influences, were anxious to come to the rescue of the hon. member, does not contradict a single word of the telegram read in this House. The House does not need any information as to what position Mr. McGregor holds in the labour unions of Peterborough. What hon. members want to know is, whether the information contained in the telegram which was read on the floor of this House is true or false. If it is false, why does not the labour union of Peterborough contradict the telegram ? I have a copy of the Peterborough papers here. I have been waiting for three or four days for the hon. gentleman to do what he has done, for I have seen across the floor that he was preparing for this. Now. until he can produce facts, through the influence of this labour union, to contradict the facts in the telegam, he conveys no information to the House.

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