May 4, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Clifford Sifton (Minister of the Interior; Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs)


Hon. CLIFFORD SIFTON (Minister of (lie Interior).

I am afraid that I cannot, iu tlie form of an answer to the question, give the hon. gentleman the full information that he desires. I will give the substance, and if my hon. friend finds that it is not sufficient, I hope he will move for a return, and I will have it brought down in full. In 1895 an arrangement was come to through the Indian Commissioner by which grazing permits were issued on the Blood reserve. A number of permits were granted from time to time. The following persons have been applicants for grazing privileges upon the reserve
1. J>. F. AWLaughlin, Temple Building,
Toronto, 11th December, 1902 ; W. M. Boultbee, 20 King St. east, Toronto, 13th December, 1902; C. Millar, 55 Yonge St., Toronto, 2nd April, 1903 ; C. A. Sheets, Cardston, Alta., 7th April, 1903 ; R. Patter son, Macleod, Alta., 11th April, 1903 ; Donald McEwan, Brandon, Man., 22nd April, 1903 ; H. M. Hatfield, Yarrow, Alta., 22nd April, 1903 ; J. W. Woolf, Regina, 25th April, 1903 ; A. J. McLean, Macleod, Alta., 30th April, 1903 ; T. II. Wallace, Lethbridge, Alta., 30th April, 1903. [DOT]
2. Grazing privileges on that portion of the Blood reserve situate on the east and south were granted Donald McEwan & Company, under agreement entered into with the Blood Indians on the 16th May, 1903, ratified by the department on the 6th June, 1903.
3. The approximate area covered by the grazing privileges is 219,000 acres.
4. A grazing permit is for a period of ten years at an annual rental of $5,000, payable half-yearly and subject to other conditions specified in agreement.
5. Agreement provides that privileges granted cannot be sub-let without the authority of the Superintendent General of Indian Affairs.

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