April 30, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. MACDONALD (Kingston City): (Minister of National Defence for Naval Services)


1. Apart from the normal information prepared by the naval information office for release to the press, the only publication of a publicity nature issued by the naval service during the present war was a pamphlet entitled "Royal Canadian Navy 1908-1940" of which 10,000 copies were issued at a cost of 82,319.50.
2. Mr. W. Gilhooly, naval information officer, S3,600 per annum. Mr. A. J. Vincent, clerk, $1,620 per annum. Mrs. J. A. Laperrier, stenographer, S720 per annum.
3. (a) Mr. Gilhooly had experience with the artillery in the last war. (b) Mr. W. Gilhooly -governor in council, (c) None.
4. Lieutenant Farrow was controller of naval information from 18th March, 1940, to 23rd November, 1940, was appointed to R.C.N. barracks, Halifax, from 24th November, 1940, to 13th December, 1940, and afloat from 14th December, 1940 to date. He is a British subject. Prior to entry in the naval service he was an experienced yachtsman. In addition to press releases he wrote the above mentioned pamphlet, and is the author of several books.
5. See answer to No. 1.
6. No information.

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