April 7, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs; President of the Privy Council)


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister):

I should like to place on Hansard a declaration of friendship which was made at the close of last week as a result of the visit to Canada, and to Ottawa in particular, of General Wladyslaw Sikorski, Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of Poland.
General Sikorski has come to this continent to visit both Canada and the United States on an important mission which relates to Poland's effort, assistance and cooperation in the present great war. As a result of General Sikorski's short stay in Ottawa, the following statement was signed by the general and n^self on Saturday afternoon and later in the day was given to the press:
Ottawa, April 5th, 1941.
The visit of the Prime Minister of Poland to Canada has permitted a helpful interchange of views between the governments of Poland and Canada, and an examination of mutual problems arising out of the war. With profound pride we have reviewed the heroic resistance of the Polish nation against the enemy
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forces of occupation, and the contribution by land, sea and air of Polish and Canadian armed forces to the allied cause.
Arrangements have been completed for constituting a Polish armed force in Canada for service overseas. The Canadian government will give its full cooperation in the establishment of this force, which, after ,a period of training in Canada, will join the armed forces of the Polish nation.
We avail ourselves of this occasion to record the determination of the peoples of our respective countries to continue to share to the utmost of their strength with Britain, other nations of the commonwealth and our allies in the preservation and restoration of freedom. Already, we look beyond that horizon to the day when the joint efforts of all who love liberty may combine to bring into being a world order founded upon international cooperation, justice, toleration, and good-will.

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