April 26, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


William Samuel Calvert (Chief Government Whip; Whip of the Liberal Party)



As far as I am concerned, as I said before, I entered into no agreement with the chief whip of the opposition. My hon. friend from Leeds (Mr. Taylor), in the presence of the hon. Minister of Justice, explained to me the proposition of the opposition, and I immediately waited on the right hon. Prime Minister and made the suggestion to him, but it was not agreed to. I looked for the hon. member for Leeds for some time. I did not know that he had gone home and I expected to have him return to the chamber at almost any moment. I waited until he had returned and I did not know until I saw him in the House that he had gone home. However, I did not think of going to any whip of the opposition, or to the hon. leader of the opposition, because the right hon Prime Minister had not agreed to the suggestion and as the hon. member for South Leeds had made the suggestion to me in regard to an arrangement, I expected to have made the arrangement with him. I wish to say to the hon. leader of the opposition that I have never broken a pledge made on behalf of this side of the House. I do not think the hon. leader of the opposition can charge us with having broken an agreement entered the other night. If there has been any breaking done here it has been done by the opposition and not by us. Still, I might possibly have gone over to the hon. leader of the opposition, but it did not occur to me, as

1 expected to meet the bon member for Leeds almost at any moment. However, I entered into no agreement with him. As I understand it is the duty of the chief whips on both sides to make these arrangements. I did not think I had anything to do with any arrangement suggested by the lion. Minister of Justice unless it was agreed to by the hon. member for Leeds and myself after I had consulted the Prime Minister.

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