April 1, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Daniel (Dan) McIvor


Mr. DANIEL McIVOR (Fort William):

I should like to rise to a question of national and empire importance. March 23 was set apart as a day of prayer for victory. I took part in that day of prayer. Jew and Gentile, Protestant and Roman Catholic took part in

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the observance of the day, bringing home to the people of the nation the seriousness of the hour. What was the result? To me it was a direct answer to that supplication that Yugoslavia rebelled, that we have had such successes in Africa and Albania, and that the Italian fleet has been demolished. I repeat, these achievements are to me a direct answer to our prayer. I do not think that we should ask the Divine Giver for any gift unless we expect an answer and are ready to cooperate to the utmost. As one who took part in that day of prayer I express my gratitude publicly to the Almighty.

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