February 20, 1941 (19th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. HOWE: (Minister of Munitions and Supply)


1. The Canadian Government Merchant Marine, Limited.
2. Yes.
3. The hull was not damaged, but was very badly covered with marine growth of hard substances. Engines and machinery, when opened up, disclosed defects to the extent of about 75 per cent; consequently repairs were necessary.
4. Mr. William Adie, a first-class engineer with British Board of Trade certificates, and with over twenty years' service with Canadian National Steamships, was placed as engineer in charge of the work and as acting superintending engineer of the company.
Captain H. S. Hilton, a master mariner with over twenty years' service with Canadian National Steamships.
The above two gentlemen represented the company.
A representative of the Canadian Steamship Inspection branch of the Department of Transport and a representative of Lloyds Registry of Shipping.
5. In view of the fact that the ship had been in southern waters for a long time, and that it was absolutely necessary that it should be classed in accordance with the Canadian government regulations as well as any commercial society for classification, it was necessary to open up for their inspection the engines, and all other machinery, including refrigerating machinery, tanks, steering gear, etc., to ascertain the actual internal and physical condition of the vessel.
For this work, and for such renewals and repairs as were apparent at the time, tenders were called, the successful tenderers being Messrs. Yarrows, Limited, of Victoria, B.C., who were given the work.
As the opening up of the various parts progressed, it was found that additional repairs and renewals were absolutely necessary, and to have endeavoured to secure prices on this work would have meant that as each individual
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item disclosed itself a new call for tenders would have been required, which was not practicable, and, as is common practice under such conditions, the work was carried out by Messrs. Yarrows, Limited, the ship being at their plant and all opened up.
6. Tenders were called for as referred to in answer to No. 5.
7. Messrs. Yarrows, Limited, Victoria, B.C.
8. Actual repairs, $106,544.

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