August 5, 1940 (19th Parliament, 1st Session)


James Garfield Gardiner (Minister of National War Services; Minister of Agriculture)



It has always been intended that over a period of time this vote should gradually disappear. It started in 1932 and amounted to 8600,000 at one time. It was then under the Department of Labour and was subsequently transferred to the Department of Agriculture, in 1936 or 1937, and has been operated under this department since that time. The understanding reached with the different provinces, from New Brunswick in the east to British Columbia, was that over a period of time the vote would disappear. This year we are paying to Alberta $25,000, the sum they asked for, and to the others, with the exception of Saskatchewan, we are paying approximately what was requested. Saskatchewan asked for something more than we are giving them. As for the number of families assisted, these are the figures. Alberta: In breaking land for needy settlers^ 123 families, the amount expended being $5,375.75; number of acres, 1,186; clearing land for needy settlers, eight families, $280, 70 acres cleared. Household articles-nothing spent last year. Building materials, twenty-two families assisted, $640.57. Work, stock, et cetera, two families assisted, $312.50. Contracts for bridge and culvert materials, twenty-three families assisted. That is, they were taking out materials for bridges and culverts. The amount was $2.397 59. Moving settlers to desirable land, two families, the amount being $148.60. This makes a total of $8,877.81 spent in Alberta last year.

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