August 5, 1940 (19th Parliament, 1st Session)


Douglas Gooderham Ross

National Government

Mr. ROSS (St. Paul's):

I do not know much about deep sea fishing, but I do know something about eating fish. The people in the constituency from which I come are interested in procuring sea fish. We cannot understand why a fisherman on the coast should receive only three-quarters of a cent per pound, or possibly one and one-quarter or one and one-half cents-I do not know what they get to-day-'and we should have to pay an amount so much greater than that. I am referring to prices of cleaned fish. For instance a pound of cod or haddock would cost anywhere from 15 to 25 cents in Toronto. We see large sums of money being spent on the administration of the Department of Fisheries. We know, too, that none of that money is spent in Ontario, or for the benefit of fishermen in that province. Therefore we 95826-156J
conclude that it is spent for the benefit of the fishermen in the maritimes. We like to see those fishermen receive help, because we realize we are helped in other ways. On the other hand we would like to receive something for the money the government is spending.
There is no doubt that we would benefit greatly if we in Ontario could get more sea fish. For purposes of health, and for the benefit of those who may be subject to goitre, more sea fish ought to be available. The difficulty is not that we have been unable to make our people fish conscious, nor is it a question of publicity. It is rather a question of price. For the life of me I cannot see why we should have to pay twenty cents a pound for fish when the fishermen receive only two cents. Surely there must be something wrong.

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