July 2, 1940 (19th Parliament, 1st Session)


Herbert Alexander Bruce

National Government

Hon. H. A. BRUCE (Parkdale):

I should like to direct a question to the Minister of Justice (Mr. Lapointe) based upon an editorial prominently displayed on the front page of the weekly journal Le Jour, in its issue of June 29. Le Jour is edited by Jean Charles Harvey, probably the most widely known of French Canadian journalists and a man who is universally respected. To save time I shall give only the English translation:
Sunday evening the German radio, in a shortwave broadcast directed especially to French Canada, informed Quebec that Hitler offered it full and complete independence. We have only to rebel against Great Britain, and then we shall have our Laurentia. There will be a customs union with nazi Europe; and it was announced that our first gauleiter would be Adrien Arcand. .
This is a damning charge against this man, and if we had blood in our veins instead of turnip juice our little fuehrer would not be facing such legal procedure as he is at the moment; he would be up before a military court. .
Has he not time and again talked of standing so and so against a wall, when he became dictator? The writer of these lines, for one, has no illusions about the fate that would await him if the suave Adrien succeeded in a blitzkrieg here.
I should like to ask the Minister of Justice four questions, of which I have given him notice. First, has he seen the editorial minted?
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Second, has he made inquiries with regard to the alleged broadcast and has he any information to give the house in connection therewith? Third, has he information that Adrien Arcand has made threats to shoot French-Canadian leaders loyal to the British connection if his plans to become fuehrer under the auspices of Hitler succeeded? Fourth, in view of the close connection between Arcand and the Hitler regime, as revealed by this broadcast, does the minister deem the measures taken to place Arcand under restraint to be adequate?

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