May 30, 1940 (19th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Langton Church

National Government

Mr. T. L. CHURCH (Broadview):

I rise to a question of privilege in connection with my remarks in the debate yesterday on Canada's navy. My remarks related to a return that I was about to read when the minister replied. This return is dated February 14, 1938, and is found on page 392 of Hansard for that year. It contains particulars of what the navy consists of, where it was located, whether any of the fleet had gone to Sino-Japanese waters, and the goodwill cruises for that year.
The minister replied on that occasion that the destroyers had left for a winter cruise in January and that the schooner Venture would cruise in West Indies waters. The programme for the visit was released to the press on January 4 and 5 of that year. That report is what my address was based on. I never made any reflection on the great body of men of the navy, As I said in this house yesterday and on other occasions, Canada has cause to be proud of her men of all ranks in uniform, in the army, the navy and the air force. They are the real people to be proud of and what they are doing to win the war. Their history is a history of courage. Yesterday and for the past ten years I have supported a policy of rearmament, which the minister brought down in 1938. I have known the minister who spoke yesterday for many years and until yesterday have always found him very courteous. I should probably have used the expression "goodwill navy" instead of "show navy." I try to cooperate with the government, and there is one thing I can say because I have known him a long time, that the Prime Minister has always shown courtesy and politeness to members of the opposition.

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