September 12, 1939 (18th Parliament, 5th Session)


Martha Louise Black

Independent Conservative


Mr. Speaker, it is nearly six o'clock, and I am sure you will allow me to take just two or three minutes to express a few thoughts that occur to me at this time. I only wish to say to the government of the day that, when I left the Yukon, the message given me by Liberals and Conservatives alike, was this: "Go down to Ottawa and tell the government that to the utmost of our ability we will support them, as we did during the last war, irrespective of any political feelings." There are men and women in that section of the country who are willing to give their all, I do not care whether it be their worldly goods or their lives if needs be, and they are at the disposal of the government to use as the government will.
The government must take the blame in all that it does as well as the credit. We must have faith that this government as well as every other government will honestly and conscientiously try to do the best it possibly can. The government will make mistakes, because it is only human, as we all are; but if the government makes mistakes we will strive with our lives, with our help, and with the little treasure we have, to see that those mistakes are rectified and that eventually we shall once again have a peaceful and happy country. .
At the present time there are no boundary lines either in the air or on land or at sea, and we must stand together to protect this land of ours from the raid that may possibly come.
At six o'clock the house took recess.
After Recess
The house resumed at eight o'clock.

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