June 3, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


Charles Avery Dunning (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)



On page 7, line 35 of
the bill. Amendment No. 10 is on page 9, line 9: after the word "other" insert the word "lawful." I agree with that.
Amendment No. 11, is on page 9, lines 47 and 48: leave out "and dividends accumulated."
Amendment No. 12, is on page 10, lines 1 to 4 inclusive: leave out "together with such other provisions as the governor in council deems necessary to give effect to the provisions of this act according to their true intent, meaning and spirit." Those words are left out, and by another senate amendment, No. 13, a new subclause 3 of clause 16 is inserted on page 10, line 13, being exactly the language of the amendment deleted from its former position.
Amendment No. 14, is on page 11, line 20: after the word "adjusted" insert "or to be adjusted." There is no disagreement with that.
Amendment No. 16, is on page 11. line 24: add at the end of clause 19 the following:
except in cases where the debtor has refused to agree to the adjustment of the mortgage or where any other person whose consenting to the adjustment is necessary has refused to consent.
This covers a point which was discussed in our own House of Commons banking and commerce committee, and I have no objection to the amendment.
These are the particulars, Mr. Speaker, of the amendments with which we might agree, and I accordingly move the resolution as read.

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