April 17, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Leighton Goldie McCarthy


Mr. LEIGHTON G. MCCARTHY (North Simcoe) moved :

That the petition of the Western Assurance Company, presented this day, praying the House to suspend all rules and formal notices regarding a Bill to be introduced granting to the said company power to own, equip, maintain, operate and navigate on the lakes and rivers of Canada ice-breakers and wreck-relieving steamers and other appliances for ice-breaking and wreck-relieving, and to subscribe for, purchase and hold stock or shares in any company incorporated for the purpose solely or amongst other things of owning, equipping, maintaining, operating and navigating on the lakes and rivers of Canada, ice-breakers and wreck-relieving steamers or other appliances for ice-breaking or wreck-relieving, notwithstanding the expiration of the time for presentiing petitions for private Bills, be read and received and referred to the Select Standing Committee on Standing Orders.
He said : This motion is rendered necessary by reason of the fact that a Bill has passed through the House, giving power to another marine insurance company to own. equip and maintain a wrecking plant. At the time that Bill was being discussed, the Minister of Finance stated that the Western Assurance Company and the British America Assurance Company, if they applied to the House, would be granted a like privilege. When asked if it could be got through this session, it was understood that it could, saving all just exceptions, I suppose. Of course, I am aware that the time has expired for the introduction of private Bills, but the reason I have given is the reason why this application was not made earlier.

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