May 30, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


Abraham Albert Heaps

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)


I am quoting from an article written by Leon G. Turrou, who was a member of the federal bureau of investigation

Official Secrets
of the United States, commonly called the G-men. This item appeared in the New York Post of December 22 last. He is giving his own experience with the nazi spy movement in the United States. He continues:
We turned that over to MI-5 of the British military intelligence and I didn't want to interfere with their investigation.
A British special agent, Guy Liddell, came here to complete that phase of the_ spy ring investigation. He conferred with Major Joseph N. Dalton of G-2 United States military intelligence and myself at New York, then he went out on his own. The spy chief at Montreal was employed in an aircraft designing plant.
This is something which might be taken into consideration by the minister and the government. It goes on:
Every now and then he shipped three to five rolls of film to Germany, each roll containing 36 negatives of confidential plane designs. He also stole and copied airplane blueprints and shipped them to Germany; in addition he acted as clearing agent for all nazi spies activities in Canada.
I have quoted sufficient from this article in the New York Post to show beyond a shadow of a doubt, assuming that the writer is correct, and I believe he was speaking the truth, that there is a nazi spy ring which so far as Canada is concerned operates with its headquarters in the city of Montreal. I do not know how much information the government has on this particular aspect of the question, nor do I intend to ask the minister to inform the house. But this article from which I have quoted was written by a man who knew the inside facts, and he has given them to the world through the press. So there is no harm in putting them on Hansard in order that members who have not seen the article may get some idea of what is being done in Canada at the present time to inform foreign powers with respect to all our activities.
The measure before us was no doubt designed to put a stop, so far as it can, to such activities; but how far it will go no one can say. I do hope, however, that the matters which I have just drawn to the attention of the government will in themselves be a sufficient incentive for them to go ahead and root out wherever they possibly can the men who are carrying on this kind of espionage in this country.
There is just one other matter to which I shall refer only briefly, because it can be raised on the estimates of the Department of Justice. It is the question of nazi propaganda in Canada, whereby an incentive is offered to certain men to carry out activities as foreign agents which but for this kind of propaganda they probably would not be in a position to do. That is all I shall say at the 71492-297J '
moment, but I may have more to say with regard to nazi activities generally throughout this dominion when the estimates of the Minister of Justice are before the house.

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