May 24, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


Norman James Macdonald Lockhart

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. N. J. M. LOCKHART (Lincoln):

Mr. Speaker, I desire to say a word or two in connection with the splendid presentation by the chairman of this committee, of which I happened to be one of the humble members. I concur in what was said by the hon. member for Winnipeg North (Mr. Heaps), that it was disappointing that the committee did not get full and adequate information as to the exact actuarial standing of the superannuation fund. However, I appreciate that because of the way in which this fund has been handled over a long period of years it might be difficult to give this information at the present time. I believe that the members of the committee did their best. The officers of the department cooperated in every way, and every effort was made not to break faith with those who have contributed over a long period of years. We also endeavoured to take in as many as possible of those who did not elect to come under the superannuation act when the opportunity was afforded some years ago.
The committee has made no effort to change the basis of superannuation, leaving it as it is provided for by the old act on a ten-year basis. I think by and large across the country,

salaries are generally considered on a five-year basis. I mention this so that hon. members of this house may give the matter due consideration when the report is being discussed fully. Along with other members of the committee I do hope that the government will consider this report most seriously. I concur in the suggestion by other hon. members that the recommendations should be implemented, if possible at this session. However, I would point out that this report is of particular significance to thousands of civil servants across Canada, and I should not like to see it dealt with too hurriedly. I believe this report will more or less establish the basis for which civil servants have been waiting many years.
I join with all members of the committee in expressing my appreciation of the manner in which the committee was conducted and I appreciate having been given the opportunity to serve on it. I urge that full consideration be given by the house to all the details of this report, and other amendments which may be suggested by the departmental officials.

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