March 24, 1904 (9th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. PORTER asked :

Conservative (1867-1942)

1. Have the models deposited by inventors in the Patent Office Department been sold ?
2. If so, under what right were they so sold ?
3. How many models were sold ?
4. Were they sold by public tender or private contract ?
5. To whom were they sold ?
6. Were these models catalogued or listed, or were they sold en bloc ?
7. What was the gross and what the net amount realized from such sale ?
8. How many of these models were full size, or commercial machines or articles ?
9. Was any restriction placed upon the purchaser or purchasers to prevent these full-sized or commercial machines or articles coming into competition with the product of the inventor, or interfering with liis rights as such inventor ?
10. What is the wholesale or retail value of the total number of models of full size or commercial machines or articles so sold ?
11. Was the consent of the inventor, or any assignee of the inventor, of these various models procured for the sale thereof ?
12. Was any opportunity offered to each inventor to procure by purchase or otherwise his own model, without acquiring by purchase all other models ? . .
13. Has any compensation been made, or is it the intention to make my compensation to the Inventor for his labour and expenso in producing these models ?

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