May 2, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


Jean-François Pouliot



That is all right, but here are the headings as given in the report of the department:
Classification of accounts, ordinary receipts and expenditures, special receipts and expenditures, government owned enterprises, capital expenditures, write-down of assets, the Canadian

National Railways Capital Revision Act, 1937, over-all deficit or increase in net debt, percentage distribution of revenues and expenditures, 1937-38, loans, Post Office savings bank, investments, sinking funds, advances to national harbours board, Canadian farm loan board, soldier and general land settlement, post-war housing loans, Dominion Housing Act, 1935 and National Housing Act, 1938; the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Canadian National (West Indies)_ Steamships Limited, loans to provinces, Canadian National Railways, Canadian Pacific Railway Company, foreign governments, total decrease in active investments, how increase in net debt was financed-
And so on.
There is nothing with regard to the other matter. I hope the minister will look into the question, because it would be most interesting to follow the movement of gold in the country. Canada is a gold-producing country and the government has its hand on the whole production of gold. It is therefore important for us to know what quantity of gold is sold by the government outside Canada either to individuals or to companies. This is part of the national wealth and I am wondering why we sell our gold when every other country in the world is trying to get hold of as much gold as it possibly can.

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