March 16, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


Agnes Campbell Macphail

United Farmers of Ontario-Labour


I thank the Minister of Justice (Mr. Lapointe); he is always very gracious.
I listened to the whole debate on the Bren gun, but until now I have said nothing about it. My opinion would be, however, that the committee is being taken-for I judge with the "small" majority the government has, the motion will carry-to Toronto to approve the government's action. There is no doubt about that. By going to Toronto now to investigate or to look over a plant, after $844,000 has been spent on it, you get about as much idea of it as you do from visiting an old house which has been renovated. I have not had much experience with manufacturing plants, but I have seen old houses renovated, wings put on, fireplaces put in, a picture window or two added, until you could not tell where the old house had gone; certainly you could not find it in the new one. I suggest it is the same with the John Inglis company plant at Toronto. After $844,000 has been spent the committee will not be able to see the old plant at all, so there is no use going to Toronto to see it. But if members of the committee have to go in order to
know what to do, then all the members of the House of Commons had better go up on a Saturday. It would be a real joy ride; and if it were not a joy ride, we could have a joyous day after we got there.

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