March 16, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


Some hon. MEMBERS:

No, no.
Mr. MaeINNIS: Well, just let us see. Mr. H. S. Alguire, of the aircraft inspection detachment at Toronto, made a report which was filed with the commission, in which he said that the factory at the time the report was written, October, 1936, was inoperative and had not been in operation since April, 1936. There was no staff in the plant at the time, with the exception of three maintenance men; and he stated that the plant was equipped for making boilers and heavy machinery of that kind, adding that in view of the time the plant had been in operation, the machinery was in reasonably good condition.
That is not the plant we are going to see; that is not the plant we will see if we go to Toronto. The plant we will see will be an altogether new plant, containing nearly a million dollars' worth of machinery which was not in it when this contract was signed. That is why I say we should not take up the time of the committee or spend the money of the people of Canada in a junketing trip of this kind.

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