March 9, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


James Garfield Gardiner (Minister of Agriculture)



The Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act was passed in 1935 under which an advisory committee was set up to advise the minister. Section 7 reads:
The governor in council may make such regulations as may be necessary or expedient for the effectual execution and working of this act and the attainment of the intention and objects thereof.
That is really the active part of the legislation. During the-four or five years this act has been in operation we have found it necessary to do certain things by regulation which, now that the practice has been established, we think should be in legislative form. The act of 1935 set out that certain amounts were to be expended over a five year period. That period comes to an end this year, and the
intention is to take the date out of the act in order to make it possible to continue activities under the prairie farm rehabilitation legislation. The practices which have been found necessary to be followed in order to carry out the intention of the act, and which will now be put in legislative form are, first, the entering into agreements with provinces, cities and other municipal bodies for the carrying on of activities within the province or the municipality; second, the acquiring of lands. Where we decide to flood areas we sometimes have to acquire land before it is done. Then, on occasion in connection with irrigation activities we have to acquire land, and also sometimes in the setting up of community pastures. Instead of basing our action on order in council, based upon regulation, we are asking for legislative authority to do it by order in council. The other provision has to do with the acquiring of machinery necessary to the carrying out of works, and the disposing of that machinery when we are through with it.

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