February 13, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


Norman McLeod Rogers (Minister of Labour)



Undoubtedly that was the impression which was sought to be created in this country by the publication of the article by Colonel George Drew. If there was any doubt on that matter, it was dissolved by the charge made by Colonel Drew to the commissioner in the course of the investigation. Colonel Drew attempted to prove fraud and corruption in this contract and he failed completely to do so. That was the purpose of the attack on *he minister and the Department of National Defence. That was the impression

Bren Gun-Mr. Rogers

which was sought to be created in the country by the proprietors of Maclean's magazine. If I am asked why these specific accusations were not made in the original article, the answer is so clear that he who runs may read. Colonel Drew knew that what he wrote in that original article would expose him to the law of libel and slander, and he preferred apparently to damage other reputations rather than risk his own. He knew equally that what he said in the course of the inquiry before Mr. Justice Davis would be protected by the privilege which surrounds judicial proceedings.

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