February 13, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


Robert James Manion (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I did not admit any such
thing. The minister is entirely wrong. I said I had read the contract then, and I have read it three or four times since. I had read the contract. I do not want my hon. friend to misquote me. I read to the house what the issue was. I have a copy of what I said before me. I allowed the minister to rise and give a quotation while I was speaking, so perhaps he will allow me to read again what I said was the issue. It was this: The issue in a sentence is the whole
method of buying munitions at a time whep, because of threats by dictatorships against democracy, we in Canada, a peace-loving people, are forced at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to arm in our own defence in order to maintain our freedom as a nation. That, Mr. Speaker, is the issue.

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