February 13, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


Robert James Manion (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I am speaking of Industry
and Humanity. I have not read the others.
I did not intend to speak long, but if my hon. friends opposite insist on helping me out I am afraid I shall have to take more time.
I was saying, Mr. Speaker, that the opinion I expressed in the paragraph I have just quoted from my book was just as sincere then as the opinion I hold now, and my opinion now is just as sincere as it was then. I believe the one thought that is in the minds of the people of this country to-day, and particularly of the young men who may have to risk their lives if ever we are so unhappy as to have to take part in a war again, is that no one should make money out of war. That I believe is the desire of all of us, and I shall quote the Prime Minister before I sit down as taking exactly the same attitude,
although I cannot understand why after taking that attitude, he permits such a contract as this to be made.
There was only one member opposite from the province of Quebec who raised the race cry in this debate. He claimed that we were making an attack on General LaFleche because of his race. But the hon. member who is just now taking his seat, the hon. member for Humboldt (Mr. Fleming), who belongs to the same profession as I do, not only repeated the race cry but as well went on to attack me for using patronage to get a job, as he put it. As a matter of fact, Mr. Speaker, I was giving up what was for a young man a very lucrative medical practice to get a job in the army. That was the patronage I was looking for; that was the job-hunting I was doing.
We were also told that we were trying to destroy the minister and the deputy minister. I say that they have both been friends of mine in days gone by, and I think they are yet. As a matter of fact, we appointed the deputy; I do not know whether that fact has been pointed out. He had a very fine record, and I have a very high admiration for him, and my opinion is that the reason he acted so strangely in regard to Hahn is that he was being pushed forward by his minister.

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