February 13, 1939 (18th Parliament, 4th Session)


Robert James Manion (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


I just wanted to say I had so much confidence in him as a lawyer, after listening to him defend this case, that if I am ever accused of murder-and particularly if I am guilty-I will hire him to defend me.
There is one other speech I wish to mention, and that is the speech of the Minister of Transport, who, I regret, is not in the house. He was the one who used the word "blackguarding," and called the hon. member for Waterloo South "a bird of passage." The Minister of Transport has been in the House of Commons and in the public life of Canada only about three and a half years. Prior to that time he was in business, looking after his own affairs as an engineer, and, if rumour is correct, building up quite a comfortable fortune. Over a period of twelve years the hon. member for Waterloo South has been serving in the parliamentary halls of this country- nearly four times as long as the Minister of Transport has served. I think therefore that some of the minister's speech was more particularly out of place, because of that fact. I suggest that in all probability the hon. member for Waterloo South, who has served twelve years, will still be serving in the parliamentary halls of this country when the Minister of Transport is not.

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