June 24, 1938 (18th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Howard Charles Green

Conservative (1867-1942)


This is particularly a British Columbia problem because the time changes at our boundary, which means we are from one to four hours later than the other provinces. We are even one hour later than Alberta. I would ask that hon. members of th' committee give this matter careful consideration because it is a serious problem. The effect is to make the elections at the present time quite unfair. The last election was a hard-fought one for a Conservative anywhere in Canada; but shortly after three o'clock, when we had still three hours to go, returns started coming in from the maritimes. I know what effect that had upon myself. I felt that after we had put up such a battle, it was exasperating that our electors were not being given an opportunity to cast their ballots without knowing the results in the east. By six o'clock we had dozens of the Quebec and Ontario results. The radio has changed the whole position because the returns come right into the homes. Previously they had to be sent in over the telegraph wires and then papers had to be printed. It hurt me this time, but next time it may hurt the Minister of National Defence (Mr. Mackenzie) when the returns from the maritimes are known. I do not think the proposed method of remedying the situation is the proper one. It will mean disfranchising a number of people. But would it not be possible to provide that the ballot boxes in the maritime provinces shall be held for two hours, and those in Ontario and Quebec for one hour? That would help in solving this problem.

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