June 24, 1938 (18th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Hugh Alexander Stewart

Conservative (1867-1942)


They may not want it. Some may not want it; but I know that some of the British Columbia members have complained of the abuses which have taken place in years gone by, and have supported this change. The effect is a compromise all around, staggering the hours so that it becomes impossible for the maritimes to telegraph to British Columbia either an accurate or an inaccurate statement as to the result of polling in eastern Canada. It becomes impossible to have the information published and distributed two or three hours before the close of the polls in British Columbia, a condition which might probably affect the result of polling in the western province.
I wonder if there is any member of the committee who objects to the object the committee had in mind when it drafted this section? Is it desirable, in the interests of British Columbia, or any other part of the dominion, that what I 'have indicated should happen? I must point out that it has happened, and it has been for the purpose of making a repetition impossible that the section was drafted. It was agreed to almost unanimously by the committee, after long discussion, compromise and general agreement, that the object the committee had in mind was a worthy one, and that this was the best way to accomplish it.

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