June 24, 1938 (18th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Donald MacLennan



As I understand the
hon. member for New Westminster, his amendment would simply restore the old provision, and I must say that this would suit us in Nova Scotia far better indeed. Sometimes, depending upon the time of year when the election is held, it is dark and, indeed, long after dark by seven o'clock in the evening.
There is another point to which I should like to direct attention. In the rural districts, after the voters deposit their ballots they usually migrate to the towns, particularly the mining towns. By six o'clock there is quite a number around, and I have always noticed that whatever noise or disagreement there may be, it usually occurs between five and six o'clock. Before five o'clock everything would be going quietly; but between five and six o'clock the people from the country came in, gangs began to collect around the polls and josh one another, if you understand what I mean by the word "josh." These people would be getting a little out of hand. If that situation is to be continued for another hour, I am sure it would not be satisfactory. I must ask the committee to leave the maritime provinces alone in this regard. We are not asking for the change. Not one man from the maritimes is asking for it, and in view of that fact I would ask the committee to restore the law to its former state.

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