June 6, 1938 (18th Parliament, 3rd Session)



Conservative (1867-1942)

1. Has any member or employee of the national harboui's board, Department of Transport, or any other government authority, either directly or indirectly, entered into any special arrangement or agreement, verbally or otherwise, with any Canadian or foreign company, partnership or individual or with any carrier, to handle grain through Quebec or other government owned elevators in the St. Lawrence at other than published tariff, either by rebate, commutation, lump sum payment or any other medium, based on the quality of grain exported through the said elevators during a specified or unlimited period?
2. If so, what are the rates charged under this special agreement?
3. Were the terms of the said agreement submitted to and approved by the board of grain commissioners prior to its acceptance and completion?
4. Were any special arrangements made with any grain firm or carrier which would have the effect of reducing the cost of transportation and/or handling charges on grain already shipped, about to move, or to be forwarded in the future from Bayports to Quebec and through the Quebec elevator?
5. Will the free storage concession granted at Quebec be extended to grain exported from Montreal elevators?
6. If so, will this concession apply also to part cargo lots exported by liners?

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