June 1, 1938 (18th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Daum Euler (Minister of Trade and Commerce)



Almost the whole increase of $200,000 in this item is due to increased services. The following is a list of some eighteen new services that have been added, which accounts for $170,000 of the increase of $200,000:
Mail Service by Railway
The increase of $200,000 is to provide for the following services:
Route-Service Annual cost
Hartney and Virden-Baggage car
to postal car $ 1,710 14
Montreal and Toronto-Baggage
car service (new) 6,917 20
Ottawa and Broekville-Baggage
car service (new) 1,601 60
London and Hamilton-Baggage
car service (new) 1,014 12
Sudbury, Capreol and Winnipeg (trains 94, 97, 3, 4)-Baggage car
service (new) 5,081 96
Sudburv, Capreol and Winnipeg
(trains 95, 3, 1, 2, 4, 96)-Bag- _
gage car to postal car 88,350 52
Capreol and Field-Baggage car
service (new) 473 40
Pembina and Winnipeg-Baggage
car to postal car 3,153 48
Melville and Winnipeg-Baggage
car service (new) 582 00
Toronto and Sudbury junction-
Baggage car service (new).. .. 3,405 44
Toronto, North Bay and Timmins-
Baggage car to postal car 7,470 58
McLennan and Hines Creek-Baggage ear to postal car 2,946 84
Senneterre and Val d'Or-Baggage
car service (new) 1,802 88
Edmonton and Dawson Creek-Increase in frequency, postal car
service 10,944 18
McLennan and Hines Creek-Increase in frequency, baggage car
service 1,372 08
Toronto, London and Windsor;
London, St. Thomas and Simcoe;
Toronto and Stratford-Rearrangement of train service. .. 2,093 92Richmond and Sherbrooke-Baggage car to postal ear
1,408 50Montreal and "Winnipeg-Overflow space
30,000 00

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