May 23, 1938 (18th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Alan Webster Neill


Mr. A. W. NEILL (Comox-Alberni):

While the treatment I have received from the departments of immigration and fisheries would make me feel like taking advantage of any opportunity to throw bricks at the govern-

ment, yet a saving sense of fairness leads me to say a few words in support of the attitude of the Minister of Labour (Mr. Rogers) although he appears to be abundantly able to take care of himself. It is easy for us here to find fault with the Minister of Labour. He is here, he is before us, and he is at one end of a 3,000 mile string; and we are not in as good a position to know what is going on at the other end as we might be. But I ask myself this question: Does no blame attach to the officials in British Columbia? The minister has been kept informed of what has happened, yes. We can all do that; the newspapers will inform us. But was he not entitled to what I might call "advance information"? People who are paid to be in the position of the Minister of Labour and those under him are supposed to keep their fingers on the pulse of public sentiment whether it be on the street or in labour camps.

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