April 4, 1938 (18th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. HOWE: (Minister of Transport)


1. Thirty stations.
2. Eleven stations have been completed; 12 stations are under construction and will be completed before July 1; 7 stations will be constructed during the fiscal year 1938-39.
3. Total cost of 30 stations-$1,500,000.
4. $50,000.
5. Primarily, yes, but all installations are made with provision for the installation of the fifth tower when conditions warrant it. Installation of the fifth tower will be made at Vancouver, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal this year.
6. The Bureau of Air Commerce is installing a number of new stations of the five tower type and installing additional equipment at four tower stations to convert them to the five tower type; the reason being that the four tower type will not permit weather information and courses being given simultaneously, while the five tower system does, Where airways are congested it is to be preferred, but is not essential when traffic is comparatively light.
7. No. This point was given due consideration when the Department of Transport commenced its construction program in 1937.
8. See appended list.
9. Nil.
10. The Canadian Marconi Company of Montreal have a contract to supply radio range transmitters and the Standard Steel Construction Company of Welland, to supply radio range towers.
Ottawa headquarters: H. E. Walsh, senior radio electrical engineer; W. A. Acton, radio electrical engineer; J. B. Knox, assistant radio electrical engineer; J. Albulet, junior radio electrical engineer; J. Belcher, radio operator; M. G. McCadden, clerk, grade III; A. W. Eaton, stenographer, grade I; I. K. Sheppard, stenographer, grade I.
Winnipeg-W est-
Construction and maintenance engineering staff: A. K. Baylay, assistant radio electrical engineer; W. E. Fenn, assistant radio electrical engineer; H. J. Williamson, junior radio electrical engineer; C. W. Thomas, radio electrician.
Operating staff-Radio operators: N. Hadley, C. G. C. Connelly, J. E. Duke, C. H. Harding, P. M. Eldridge, J. R. Allen, J. R. Howard,
J. Syder, A. P. Stark, R. S. Fulton, J. S. Parkin, F. C. Aitkens, C. A. G. Ennever, L. H. Pockett, N. E. Nelson, B. L. Marshall, C. S. Hewitt, D. A. McDougall, F. Burwell, R. R. Travers, T. E. Bate, S. A. Shatford, J. L. Johnston, H. V. Allan, J. W. Philpot, J. E. Walker, R. W. Weaver, H. Needham,

W. B. Beart, W. Hartree, J. Mennie, A. T. Scott, H. C. Rayner, W. L. Harris, R. E. V. Potruff, C. J. Grey, W. F. Hilchie, W. North, J. A. Coutanche, W. A. Blacklock, L. J. Debenham, A. J. Newington, B. Burrill, J. R. Nutter, T. Foley, C. E. Marcelle, T. Davidson, W. J. Twamley, L. H. Fendon, W. G. Wastill.
Operating staff-Electrician, J. O. G. Cann; radio operators: L. F. Brown, H. B. Tompkins,
H. J. Moore, F. C. Cornish, H. E. Bickmore, C. S. Baldwin, J. J. Tizzard, F. S. Woodrow, T. B. Linklater, W. L. Nelson, W. J. Thomas,
S. L. Young, W. S. Woodley, T. G. Barrowman, A. W. Loke, H. M. Murphy, J. R. DesCoteaux, G. H. Pickard, A. Cote, W. H. Ingarfield, R. F. Austin.

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