October 19, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)



This is a revote of the mileage of the road for that district, but it is not a revote to tlie same company. Whatever my hon. friend may

suspect in other cases, he w ould be wrong in this case, because I happen to know that the old company lias no connection with the new one. This is a new company and a different name ; I do not think they even received the old charter. I think the one died and the other has come up as an entirely new venture.
19. To the Nova Scotia Eastern Railway Company, Limited, lor a line of railway from New Glasgow to Cross Roads, Country Harbour, thence to the town of Guysborough, and thence to the strait of Canso; with a branch from Cross Roads, country Harbour, aforesaid, down the Country Harbour river to the deep waters thereof, not exceeding 116 miles ; in lieu of the subsidies of 40 and 80 miles granted by chapter 7 *of 1901, items 4 and 1, respectively, of section 2. , 63. To the Nova Scotia Eastern Railway Com-
' pany, Limited, for a line of railway from Dartmouth through the Musquodoboit valley to a point at or near Melrose to connect there with the railway mentioned in item 19 of this section, not exceeding 120 miles.

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