October 19, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


William Findlay Maclean

Independent Conservative


When the ministers come beiore the House to put their estimates through, they come with accurate information and attended by their deputies. They are able, in case of a public work, for instance, to tell us what the expenditure has been to date, how the work is proceeding and what expenditure will be required for its completion. But we are asked to revote railway subsidies Without any explanation of what has been done or what it is proposed to do. It is high time we ceased to vote these subsidies unless we have definite explanations concerning them. All this is an instance of the reckless way in which millions of public money are voted by this House. I have made a rough estimate, and I find that subsidies are being voted for 1,500 miles of road. No explanations are given to us, not even encouragement held out to the people in the localities affected that these roads will be built. There is either a lack of earnestness, or something held in view that we do not know about. Certainly, no minister ought to propose in this House a vote of public money without an explanation as to how that money is to be applied. And, if the money has been voted before and not spent, we want to know why it was not expended before and whether it will be expended now.
To the Shediac and Coast Railway Company for a line of railway from Shediac to Shemogue and towards Cape Tormentine, in Westmoreland county, not exceeding thirty-eight miles, in lieu of subsidy granted by chapter S of 1900, item 25 of section 2.
Mr. CLANCY When was that subsidy voted ?

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