April 16, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)



I cannot answer that question. I think there is a general Act under which either of the criminal courts would have jurisdiction. The object in fixing this line, is as far as possible, to follow the watershed as the natural boundary, the territory on the north-west side of the water-shed belonging to the Yukon and on the east side to the Northwest Territories.
Mr. LaRIVIERE. I think the objection raised by my hon. friend from Halifax (Mr. Borden) is a proper one, when he says that it is obvious that, as this refers to another matter than that covered by the other part of the Bill, it should form a separate Act by itself. You amend the Yukon Territory Act by a clause inserted in a Bill affecting the judicial courts of the territory. If this affected the territory only in relation to judicial matters, it would be all right, but it affects it in every way, and should be dealt with separately. There is no objection to the amendment itself, but it should be a separate Bill, as it has nothing to do with the other part of the Act.

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