April 16, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)



Let that stand. I may say that after the Bill was introduced in the Senate the Surveyor General called my attention to the fact that the description of the Yukon territory had necessarily been somewhat vague from a scientific standpoint when the Act was originally passed, and he advised me that it would be well to have a new description made in accordance with the information which the Surveyor General's branch has since acquired in regard to the territory, and to substitute it for the description in the original Act. I have, therefore, had an amendment prepared for the purpose of amending the description. The boundary line will not be substantially altered except in one respect. The territory will be a little enlarged, and a portion of the valley of the Peel river, which, under the old description, has belonged to the North-west Territories, is now brought into the Yukon Territory, and properly, I think, because it will be nearer the seat of government at Dawson and more conveniently governed than from Regina. I therefore propose the following amendment :
That section 2 of the Yukon Territory Act, chap. 6, of the Statutes of 189S, is hereby repealed, and the following section Is substituted therefor :
2. The territory described in the schedule of this Act is hereby constituted and declared to be a separate territory under the name of the Yukon territory, and the same shall no longer form part of the North-west Territories.
In section 14 follows the technical description of the territory in accordance with the plaep which I have handed to my hon. friend.

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