February 25, 1938 (18th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Thomas Reid


Mr. THOMAS REID (New Westminster) :

Mr. Speaker, I rise to a question of privilege in connection with certain remarks made last evening by the hon. member for Fraser Valley (Mr. Barber). Speaking in connection with the landing fields at Chilliwack and Langley Prairie, the hon. member made personal references to myself which I desire to correct.
The hon. member is reported on page 804 as follows:
I know there was considerable pressure brought to bear on him from the minister for British Columbia and from the hon. member for New Westminister, and I believe he has been misinformed by the officers of his department.
The hon. member was here referring to the Minister of Transport (Mr. Howe). Never at any time, Mr. Speaker, have I used pressure of any kind upon any minister or anyone else in regard to either Chilliwack or Langley Prairie airport sites.
FEBRUARY 25, 1938 S09
Feeding of Western Cattle
The only representations I made were in 1936 just after this government came into office. At that time I found that the late Conservative government had taken options on property owned by two of the most
notorious Conservatives in Langley Prairie.

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